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Capital gain for the seller

The profit gained by selling a real estate property falls within the category of “other incomes” and it is subject to taxation. In effect, if there is a positive difference between the selling price (plus the costs related to the property itself) and the purchasing price of the property than the seller has a capital gain. If the capital gain comes from a property transfer for consideration (of a bought property or a property built at least 5 years earlier) it is considered to belong to the “other incomes” category therefore it’s subject to taxation according to the regular IRPEF rates. Exceptions to the rule:

  • Properties acquired by inheritance.
  • Properties acquired by donation if the person who donates the property was the owner for more than 5 years or if the property was built at least 5 years earlier.
  • Urban housing units, which in the period between the purchasing or the building and the selling have been used as main residence by the owner or by his family.